Database Security and Compliance Managementi

Are you looking for a compliance-compatible database security software?

DataSunrise Database Security is a cross-platform high-performance software that secures databases and data in real-time. DataSunrise defends databases (both SQL and NoSQL) and protects companies’ sensitive data from outside threats and internal security breaches.

DataSunrise Database Security includes an intelligent Database Firewall, Data Masking (both Dynamic and Static), Sensitive Data Discovery and Data Audit (or Database Activity Monitoring – DAM).

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Dyamic Cyber Security (Windows/Linux)

Would you like to protect your Windows and Linux servers against enterprise attacks ?

The Morphisec Breach Prevention Platform enables IT and security teams of any size to secure critical systems against the most advanced and disruptive cyberthreats without needing prior knowledge of them. From endpoints to servers to the cloud, Morphisec streamlines cybersecurity and ensures you don’t end up on the news.

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Active Directory Cyber Security, Reporting and Recovery

Is your Active Directory platform protected?

There’s no silver bullet for cybersecurity. Persistent attackers will find a way in, and that’s why it’s so critical for organizations to take a layered defense strategy, including the ability to quickly recover from ransomware and other destructive cyberattacks. By taking a comprehensive approach, Semperis gives defenders the advantage at every stage of an identity-based cyberattack.

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Enabling Safe DevOps Test Data Management

Would you like to create instant, fast, and self-service database copies ?

Accelario enables agile development teams, operating in DevOps, microservices, ML/AI and/or cloud-based environments, to work more efficiently and effectively, empowering each team with the test data they need, where and when they need it. Accelario platform is a modern test data management (TDM) software designed to accelerate application delivery by provisioning high-quality production-based test data quickly, with full privacy compliance, and at a lower cost, leveraging both virtual and physical data technologies. We know how to deliver access to critical data, in real-time and across any environment, while ensuring that regulatory and privacy compliance is maintained.

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Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) Solution

How I  can trust legacy VPN technologies anymore ?

Deliver the perfect balance between securing and enabling the business. Safely connect, manage, monitor and revoke access to only the assets your employees and third-party users need to get the job done, all while delivering the ease of use that many wondered was even possible. Meet Cyolo Zero Trust Access. Unlike VPN which provides you access to all inside resources, ZTA provides you access only to resource.

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