GO-Global is the fast and secure application access and Web-enabling solution that makes it easy and cost-effective to extend the reach of your existing Windows, UNIX, and Linux applications to your company's network or the Web. Your applications run on a secure central computer (the Host), making them available to local, remote and mobile devices (the Clients) running just about any platform and operating system, including iPad, iPhone, and Android. The host-resident applications appear on the client devices just as though they were running locally. 

Application Publishing      
- Windows applications Yes Yes Yes
- UNIX applications Yes No No
- LINUX applications Yes No No
Client Support      
- Windows client Yes Yes Yes
- Linux client Yes No Yes
- Mac OS X client Yes No Yes
- Mobile client Yes No Yes
Ease of Use and Efficiency      
- Install, configure and deploy in less than one day Yes No No
- Low server memory and CPU usage Yes Yes Yes
- Reduced configuration and management overhead Yes No No
- Avtomatic bandwidth optimization Yes No Yes
Solution Focus      
- Application-centric solution (robust, fast, simple, affordable) Yes No No
- Non-restrictive deployment model Yes No No
- Reduced infrastrukture requirements Yes No No
Client Security      
- Supports 56-bit DES to 128-bit 3DES or 256-bit AES SSL encryptions Yes No Yes
- Supports 128-bit or lower RC4 SSL encryptions Yes Yes Yes
Network Optimized      
- Effcient in low badwidth environments Yes No Yes
Simpllified Licensing Model      
- Unrestricted concurrent licensing Yes No No
- Reduced complexity Yes No No
- Eliminates need for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services Yes No No
Costumization Options      
- Private label option to retain original application branding Yes No No
- Server and client SDKs Yes No Yes
- Product bundling Yes No No
- Web APis to enable Web application integrationg Yes No No


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