Imagine full access to your healthcare facility’s patient data. Easy to search and retrieve by those that need it, when they need it, at the point of care. No more departmental silos; no more barriers to access or sharing. And, all while ensuring you leverage and fully utilize your heterogeneous storage environment so that data is stored intelligently and cost effectively, as well as being properly safeguarded in the event of deletion, corruption, outage or larger disaster.

HealthStore™ Independent Clinical Archive – the Next Generation VNA


Features & Benefits

  • Independent Clinical Archive

An Independent Clinical Archive (ICA) that extends beyond the remit of the traditional Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)

  • Interoperability

Works with any of a healthcare organization’s chosen applications, including clinical portals, PACS, viewers and the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for easy sharing

  • Content Access Tools

HealthStore provides all the user tools to search for and access content (e.g. portal) as well as easily integrating into existing systems

  • Data Protection

Multi-copy facility to enable healthcare organizations to write independent copies to their chosen destinations, ensuring comprehensive protection

  • Single Repository

A single repository for all clinical and administrative data sources across the healthcare enterprise

  • Storage Management

Offers a comprehensive storage management allowing healthcare organizations to take full control of the information lifecycle and works with all storage hardware vendors and devices

  • Supports Open Standards

Fully supports healthcare data standards such as DICOM, HL7, XDS and CIFS (for unstructured files)

  • Auditing & Reporting

For tracking, traceability and analytics to help IT and clinicians monitor activities, trends, resources and security

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