Continuous API Management

Get the speed and security needed to create an agile business at scale.
APIs are the glue connecting application backends with modern mobile and IoT devices and services. Add microservices for an agile, flexible backend that will help you deliver great customer experiences and applications to customers across any device.

Layer7 has been the leader in full lifecycle API management for the last ten years. Now, Layer7 Continuous API Management has evolved to enable the enterprise to test and monitor real-time in both development and production environments, ensuring an excellent customer experience.

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Automic® Automation

Service orchestration and automation platform.

Automic Automation gives you the agility, speed and reliability required for effective digital business automation. From a single unified platform, Automic centrally provides the orchestration and automation capabilities needed accelerate your digital transformation and support the growth of your company.

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CA Client Automation

Automate client management to drive operational excellence

CA Client Automation delivers a complete view into your entire IT asset base and employs full automation and remote client management capabilities for managing the end user computing environment—whether physical or virtual. No matter how complex your IT environment, it streamlines the daily operational tasks that bog down your IT organization, helping you run more efficiently and cost-effectively than ever before.

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CA Service Desk Manager

CA Service Management: A Modern and Comprehensive Approach to ITSM

CA Service Management is a robust enterprise class IT service management solution verified across 12 ITIL® processes by Pink Elephant. The solution is anchored by a modern and intuitive service desk featuring an innovation-award-winning user experience that allows analysts to work more naturally, to manage incidents faster and deliver better customer service. Modern self-service and a robust service catalog resolves issues and communicates service offerings to business users in a language they understand. And IT asset management capabilities help you manage and gain insights to better optimize hardware and software asset allocations and licenses, saving the business money and reducing business and financial risk.

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Why Broadcom?

Clarity is for more than just projects.

Speed up your digital transformation with Clarity, the leading investment-planning solution for the enterprise. Instead of traditional project management, we help you transition to digital product management, where you manage value streams to counter market disruptions, maximize enterprise resources, and pivot with fluctuating customer demands.

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DX NetOps Network Monitoring Software

Network teams as well as their networks have undergone evolutionary changes in recent years; from expanding their networks to supporting a new breed of remote workers to accelerated cloud and SaaS migration, along with SD-WAN adoption. What this means is that connectivity is more important than ever before. The internet is the new network and the enterprise network is now…anywhere.
With a combination of real-time performance monitoring and machine-learning driven analytics, Broadcom’s DX NetOps network monitoring software comprehensively helps our customers achieve success through high scale, unified visibility enabling full-stack analytics to assure network delivery over traditional, and software-defined and cloud architectures.

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DX Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management tools are evolving
With the increased complexity of today’s modern applications and the growing need to deliver a near-flawless customer experience – traditional Application Performance Management (APM) solutions often fall short in delivering the visibility needed to fix problems before they impact the end user. Instead, APM solutions must evolve to include AIOps capabilities to spot anomalies earlier, predict behavior, and enable informed automatic corrective actions.

DX Application Performance Management (formerly CA Application Performance Management or CA APM) is fully integrated with our AIOps solution to correlate and analyze data across users, applications, infrastructure and network services, giving you real-time insight into the health of key business services.

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